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Huddlee is a mobile service that lets you plan events on the fly, share with friends, and meet up. With Huddlee, you can message friends, discuss events, and see what’s trending.


With Huddlee, there is always something to do.

Whether you want to grab a meal at the restaurant, enjoy a night at the movies, or set up a meeting at a cafe, Huddlee is the way to go.

Download Huddlee today and find out why planning events with friends can be easier than ever. It’s fun and completely free!
Search Feature


  • Search for locations around you with the built in GPS.
  • Set the size of your party.
  • Choose to give your friends or colleagues 30 minutes to 3 hours to respond.
  • Discuss each Huddlee on its separate event page.
  • Invite friends (“Links”) to Huddlee from your page or Facebook.
  • Log on with Facebook or sign up using the app.
  • See what’s trending around you on the Trending page.
  • Search for events and friends with the Search tool
  • Rate your friends based on how well they Huddlee.
  • See your friend’s Huddlees.
  • Set your privacy settings.
  • Edit your location and picture

Great for social and business events.

Whether you want to create a social activity like watching a movie with friends or a business meeting, Huddlee is the way to go. Join a Huddlee, discuss with friends ("Links") and invite from your list of Links or Facebook. You can also turn Privacy on to ensure your Huddlees are private.

Exciting Contests

We announce weekly contests on the blog and Twitter. Don’t miss your chance to get some cool prizes for using Huddlee!

24/7 Support

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